water and
nature in luxury
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  • Sorry to keep you waiting!
    Spring opening is March 20th!
    Reservations are currently available from March to May.

The rich, clear waters of Ono, the city that is famous for clear water through Japan spread out before your eyes.

People and nature blend so well together and your five senses are liberated here in Ono.

Field map

Because the entire building is rented, you can enjoy the river and mountain fields.
Enjoy a relaxing time

Floor plan

Facility information

  • IH stove
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Cooking utensils
  • Rice cooker
  • Bonfire space
  • Bonfire supplies
  • Outdoor Chair
  • Pizza pot
  • Wood splitter
  • BBQ stove
  • Tv set
    (Smart TV)
  • Hammock
  • Hanging chair
  • Sauna room
Welcome service
We have rice, salt, soy sauce, drip coffee, local sake, and drinks in the refrigerator.

*The content and type of the photo may differ.
*Rice is about 1kg
Number of guests
Maximum of 5 people
Basic equipment
IH stove / Refrigerator / Cookware / Kettle / Microwave / Rice cooker / Tableware and cutlery / Glasses and mugs / Dish detergent and sponges / Free Wi-Fi / Air conditioning / TV / Toilet / Bathroom / Bath towel / Hair dryer / Slippers

*Please bring your own loungewear.
Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap / Toothbrushing set / Face towel
Activity equipment
Bonfire space / Firewood / Wood chopping stand / Hammer / Bonfire iron plate / Outdoor chair / Outdoor table / Pizza oven / Pizza oven table / BBQ set / Hammock / Hanging chair (closed in case of rain) / Stairs to the riverbank

BBQ set contents
Stove/grid/fire scissors
Charcoal (approx. 3kg)/ignition agent/chukkaman/work gloves/fan
*[BBQBOX] is available in the outdoor wagon next to the stove.
Please feel free to use it.
You can check in automatically using a tablet at the entrance between 14:00 and 17:00.
Please read the accommodation terms and conditions before making a reservation.

Mizumorino Sumika onoya

Ono-ya Villa’s surroundings
  • How to get to FUKUI from main international airports in Japan.

    • STEP 1  TOKYO international airport(HANEDA airport) ⇒ KOMATSU airport ⇒ FUKUI JR station

      How to change transportation
      Arrive at HANEDA international terminal No3⇒Go to Terminal No2(For ANA air)or Terminal No1(For JAL air) ⇒ Fly to KOMATSU airport(60min) ⇒ Take shuttle bus to FUKUI JR station(60 min)
      Flights between Haneda and Komatsu Airport
      Limousine bus timetable

    • STEP 2  NARITA international airport(NRT) ⇒ fly to CHUBU international airport(NGO) ⇒ NAGOYA JR station ⇒
      TSURUGA JR station ⇒ FUKUI JR station

      How to change transportation
      Arrive at NARITA international airport terminal No3⇒Domestic air terminal No1⇒fly to CHUBU international airport(2 flights for JAL& 1 flight for ANA 75 min) ⇒ walk to CHUBU KOKUSAIKUKO station of NAGOYA railways) ⇒ NAGOYA JR station(30min) ⇒ Take TOKAIDO HONSEN LINE SHIRASAGI train ⇒ JR TSURUGA station(95min) ⇒ #change train into HOKURIKU SHINKANNSEN LINE⇒FUKUI station(20 min)
      Flights between Narita and Centrair

    • STEP 3  KANSAI international airport(KIX) ⇒ JR KYOTO station ⇒ TSURUGA station ⇒ FUKUI station

      How to change transportation
      Arrive at terminal No1 or terminal No2. If you arrive at terminal No2, take terminal-link bus to terminal No1 ⇒ Move to Train station in the terminal No1 and Take super express HARUKA train ⇒ KYOTO station(75 min) ⇒ Go to track 0 for HOKURIKU LINE Super express Thunderbird train ⇒#JR TSURUGA station ⇒ FUKUI station same as underlined part of step 2

    • STEP 4  JR KANAZAWA station⇒ FUKUI station

      Train timetable

  • How to get to the villa from JR FUKUI station

    • STEP 1  Train and Walk

      Take ETSUMIHOKUSEN LINE on track 2 of FUKUI station. ⇒ Get off at KADOHARA station(60min) ⇒ Walk to the villa (50min)
      Train timetable

    • STEP 2  Train and Courtesy car

      Take ETSUMIHOKUSEN LINE on track 2 of FUKUI station ⇒ Get off at ECHIZENONO station ⇒ We pick you up a t ONO station ⇒ Drive to the villa(on the way ,do shopping at road side station available)
      Train timetable

    • STEP 3  Direct driving to the villa

      Rent a car near FUKUI station ⇒ drive on CHUBU-JYUKAN highway ⇒ Get off at KADOHARA I.C(60min) ⇒ Turn left and keep driving on R158 (700 m ) ⇒ Drive into R173 (You can see KADOHARA station on the left hand side and keep driving along the road for 10 min) ⇒ GET to VILLA
      We recommend you to buy some food you need at the roadside station ARASHIMA.

  • How to get to Onoya villa by car only (Including rental car)


      There are some rental car shops around KOMATSU AIRPORT
      Drive on Pref. road R20 to KATAYAMAZU I.C. and go on HOKURIKU HIGHWAY there to FUKUIKITA JCT. GO through the junction onto CHUBUJYUKANDO HIGHWAY to ONO direction.
      Go through ONO JCT to KADOHARA I.C. Get off the highway at # KADOHARA I.C and turn left and drive on R158. Go along R158 700m, then drive onto R173 toward HATOGAYU KOSEN&KARIKOME IKE. You can get to ONOYA VILLA in 10min after seeing KADOHARA JR STATION on your left hand.
      We recommend you to buy some food at ARASHIMA road side station before your way to KADOHARA I.C. ARASHIMA road side station is by ARASHIMA I.C(Just drop by the shop)


    • There are some rental car shops around the airport.
      Drive to CENTRAIR HIGASHI I.C first and drive onto CYUBUKOKUSAI AIRPORTR ENNRAKUDORO(CYUBU NTERNATIONAL A IRPORT LINK WAY and go to HANDA CYUOU JCT ,go through the JCT and go on CHITA HANTO ROAD. Go along this road. keep driving toward NAGOYA HIGHWAY No 3 , No1 and No11 (drive in order this ) and go on KOMAKI I.C. and go on driving on MEISHIN HIGHWAY and go through ICHINOMIYA JCT and keep going on TOKAIHOKURIKU HIGHWAY toward SHIRATORI I.C. and finally get off the highway at ABURAZAKATOGE I.C. After that, get on R158 and drive on CYUBU JYUKAN HIGHWAY and get off the highway at KADOHARA I.C. and after this # you can follow the same way as mentioned above.
      Suggestion: You can buy some food at ARASHIMA road side station near ARASHIMA I.C and go back to KADOHARA I.C. again and #follow the same way as mentioned above.

In case you have problems getting to us

If you have problems getting to us, please contact us.